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Academic Conference Travel Tips

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The longer you stay in academia, the more conferences that you’ll go to. Some are a chore, wedged into the most inopportune times in the semester– however, that winter conference in Hawaii would make up for it in theory, surely…

Michael Nielsen offers some tips specifically aimed at academic travellers, entitled Optimizing travel 2.0.

Daniel Lemire provides a great list of conference-related advice, including “Why you might not want to go to a conference”, “Where to submit your papers”, and “Things to do during the conference”: Conference Travel Tips.

More generally, and Lifehacker offer some advice on how to pack as lightly as possible (the airline can’t lose your bag if you don’t check it…).

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Get the Most out of your Research Conference Experience

If you’re considering going to a research conference or (joy of joys!) you already have some funding in place to attend one, these twenty tips in PDF format (geared towards new grad students) will help.

Twenty Tips for Getting the Most out of your Research Conference Experience
[ from the Southwest Educational Research Association ]

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