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Can’t Live Without It: Backpack

Backpack Logo

I signed up for a free Backpack account about six months ago. Since then, I’ve quickly come to rely on it. Why? It’s simple, it’s reliable, and it works for me. Backpack is an app from the lovely people at 37 Signals.

What is it? An online file/note organizer. I use it as a way to organize all that stray but vital information that gets scribbled down on sticky notes. I’m also considering its possibilities as a research organizer.

How much does it cost? I currently use the free plan, but they do have some tempting paid plans with nice extras that start at $5/month.

Where do I get it? Visit

Addendum: I did end up upgrading to the Solo plan, which includes more pages than I’ll ever need, as well as a slick Calendar app which has quickly made itself indispensable.


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