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Papers (PDF organizer, Mac only)


Yet another Mac-only app for academics…

Papers is now available in public preview. It has a really lovely user interface (reminiscient of iTunes) and previewing and note-taking ability built right into the program. It was built to house scientific papers and import straight from PubMed.

[ found via announcement at The Efficient Academic ]


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9 Responses

  1. nosugrefneb says:

    Downloaded this the other day. Great app, and seemingly much smoother than Yep has been for me so far.

  2. Hi nosugrefneb! Thanks for sharing your endorsement of Papers. Glad to hear it straight from an actual user.

    Since you’re using it, I thought I’d ask: are you restricted to papers downloaded from PubMed? Or is it just that the program offers an automatic download from PubMed, but allows you to add in other papers manually?

  3. nosugrefneb says:

    The cool thing about it is that you can import articles directly from your computer and later link them to PubMed info through a search in the app, which then downloads all the appropriate cataloging info and links it to each article. It’s kind of like tagging, but it’s much less work, and it’s automatically correct too!

  4. ttwimlex says:

    A SDK will be forthcoming that will allow users to create their own plugins for other databases, so all you non-life scientists will be able to make as much use of it

  5. Jonathan says:

    Looks to be just what I need. Crashed a couple of times but to be expected given its development status.

    Quibbles: I like to keep my PDFs on my iDisk but Papers seems to require them on a local drive which means duplicating across machines. I may have that wrong so apologies if I’m missing the obvious.
    Like others I would like to be able to search other databases, and maybe store my Athens login (do you have that outside the UK?) in a cookie of sorts.

    But seems to be (99%) the sort of thing I’m looking for! Highly recommended 🙂

  6. Guillex says:

    Hi, great program for researchers and PHD Students… I am from Argentina, here, we don´t use MAC because they are expensive… don´t you know any program like this that can be run in a Linux or Win PC.
    Thanks a lot


  7. serenity says:

    is there an equivalent for Windows?

  8. Liz says:

    Has anyone who has used this also used EndNote or Zotero — if I am already using EndNote,what does this add that EN doesn’t have?

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