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More Bibliographical Management Tools

After my last post, two helpful commenters suggested some further tools to consider for managing references.

Michael Dunn suggested JabRef, a bibliography reference manager that works with BibTeX format.

Rick suggested wikindx, a bibliographic and quotations/notes management system that can be used for either the single-user or for collaborative efforts.

While investigating these leads, I also came upon the Bibliophile Initiative, whose goal it is to “promote collaboration between developers and end-users of bibliographic databases.” They maintain a list of bibliographic database applications and utilities which I found to be a useful tool.

A big thank you to Michael and Rick for your help and suggestions.


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4 Responses

  1. atom probe says:

    Zotero is in public beta. It is a plugin for Firefox 2.0 which imports, exports, and stores bibliographic data. It is quite good & can automatically import data from many sites. I use it in combination with refbase, an online literature database.

  2. Felix Riedel says:

    I think Zotero is a really good Firefox extension for managing bibliographic references, papers, websites, etc. for academic purposes.
    Unfortunately, it works only with Firefox 2.0 which is currently not avalaible as a stable release.

  3. Al Z says:

    My interest in blogging itself arose from the online Bibliography/research problem. I became interested in using blogs as a way of exploring some of my research interests in a different form. As I was working on my MS Thesis years back I realized my blog could be a useful “index card” -like system for doing research while in the library. It also occurred to me that the blog form itself involves the use of a citation like system usually in the form of url’s to other blogs or on-line news articles. In any case I’ll up to the ante on your dream of on-line bibliographic management (which I share). I want to have this sysem fully integrated with a blog like system such as wordpress. This not only to facilitate bibliographic management, but also to enhance the amount of **primary** information sources available in the blogsphere.

  4. David says:

    Ive been using Zotero for 4 years now and recently began using version 2.0 for my dissertation. This little piece of software is worth its weight in gold.

    I would be lost with out it and nothing comes close.

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