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Web 2.0 Bibliographical Management roundup

Since I use multiple computers, my dream is to manage my bibliographical information online. I haven’t yet found a Web 2.0 (as in a central online solution) to successfully manage all of my bibliographical information. But I haven’t yet given up hope!

These are the various solutions I’ve found thus far. Perhaps they may be of help to others:

Easy Bib (they also offer the more powerful paid MyBib Pro, which I’m considering)

Any other suggestions?


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4 Responses

  1. Michael Dunn says:

    I keep my bibliographic databases (along with all my other projects) in cvs so that I can keep them current on all my computers. The databases themselves are in bibtex format (very useful: google scholar will let you import citations in bibtex format, see “scholar preferences”).

    I interact with the databases using JabRef, an open source, multiplatform bibliographic database manager. JabRef lets you copy references as rtf if you want to use them in a wordprocessor, and there many tools to generate other formats (e.g. html) from bibtex, and it is also easy to import other formats into bibtex.

    This system is simple and robust, since it’s based around plain text and well established technologies.

  2. Rick says:

    I recommend you check out wikindx before making a decision. It’s kind of like a wiki for reference information, based around BibTeX, and much more “relational” than other similar software, in that you can click around sources, quotes, and keywords freely. You can even start an exploration by asking the database to serve up a random quote or paraphrase. You can make your database closed to non-members, or, in the wiki spirit, invite the general public to help build your database. It also has a built in RTF text editor with a simple method for citing papers.

    A possible drawback is that you have to install it yourself on a server with PHP and MySQL. Data entry isn’t as fast as it could be; a good start would be to export your CiteULike library to BibTeX and import it to wikindx.

    Wikindx is available on sourceforge.

    Good luck, and please post again on this topic whenever you have time. I’m keenly iterested in anything you have to say.

  3. […] After my last post, two helpful commenters suggested some further tools to consider for managing references. […]

  4. Hi,

    I use wikindx (obviously as I wrote it) for my PhD using exclusively the integrated word processor. The only time my thesis will touch an external word processor is when I compile my separate chapters into one having exported them as RTF files.

    The strength of word processor is its importaion of quotes, paraphrases etc. (with appropriate citation tag appended) and the automatic citation formatting with appended bibliography. Imagine Journal A, requiring APA style rejects your article. At the click of a button you can reformat it to Chicago for Journal B.

    Of course, being a web application, it’s accessible from any networked computer. I also believe if offers far more ways than any other similar software to sort and sift through both references and their metadata (quotes, paraphrases, ideas etc.).

    Even though Rick, chasing him through various blogs ;), keeps saying it’s based around bibtex, it’s not. Yes, you can export and import bibtex. But if offers a lot more than bibtex which is extremely restricted and more or less useless for those of us working in the humanities.

    I believe the citation and bibliographic formatting it offers is far more powerful and flexible than anything else and you can always create and edit your own citation styles.

    Mark Grimshaw (WIKINDX Chief Factotum).

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