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10 tips for keeping your desk clean and tidy

Tidy Desk by bripirie

I’m always a little suspicious of articles with titles like these: they usually seem to be written by those irritating people who naturally keep their desks clean and neat. It’s an in-born ability– they’re usually morning people, too.

However, the author of this one sounds like he’s been down in the trenches with the rest of us slobs creative folks. He says, “when I started wasting more and more time looking for lost items instead of being a brilliant creative person, I knew I had to do something.”

10 tips for keeping your desk clean and tidy
[ from LifeClever ]


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3 Responses

  1. Hunter Baker says:

    Hey, you got me interested in the site. How about more posts?

    • Rum says:

      i have a postcard saying ‘My Desk is not a mess it’s just “uniquely” organised’

      – takes visitors’ eyes away from the desk….

      Good luck to all you who are able to keep your desks tidy for more than three days…

      (retired teacher)

  2. r.paramisvari says:

    A well organized desk of course gives a good impression about the owner; how organized he/she is. Some people even place flower pots to create a happy and motivating feelings for them to work. Yet a well organized desk does not resemble a positive attitude towards work and at the same time a desk piled up with files and letters should not be judged as not committed to work. As for me, what matters here is the attitude towards work and not the desk used to do work.In my working place, i was not given a cupboard to keep all my files, books and other references; therefore without any choice i have to keep all my things on my small desk. Of course at times it looks horrible but there is no other options for me. Not only me but all the staff working here. So, in order to keep our desks organized, we need to have spaces and other options to keep our books, files, and other materials neatly.

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