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Welcome to Academic Lifehacker

Welcome to Academic Lifehacker. This blog is inspired by the spirit of Lifehacker, but has a slightly more specific goal: passing on lifehacks of particular interest to those working in academia.

To explain a bit further, I quote from the inaugural post of Lifehacker: “[This is] what Lifehacker’s about: the endless possibilities of technology and how it can improve our lives. Lifehacker points out software, sites, tips and tricks that help you get things done, plain and simple.”

Academic Lifehacker began as a way to organize helpful hints, tips, and tools from various sites. I figured, if it helps me, it might help someone else. And even if it doesn’t– well, it’s easier than tracking this stuff with bookmarks.

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  1. cnwb says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog. Excellent idea. I’m a keen follower of Lifehacker, but as a student, a blog specifically focused on study and research is great.

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